Mobile App SecureAppy

This App was written in Swift for iOS and I am re-writing it in Flutter/Dart for Android.

Mobile App Skimmer Locator

This is a Native iOS App that is used to located ATM and Gas Pump Card Skimmers.

React App on Heroku

YouTube search app using React, Lodash, YouTube API's and hosted on Heroku.

Guns Across America

An online community for gun owners to offer reviews, stories and news for one another.

Faits Concrete

A local Concrete company that provides Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios.

Jax Mortgage Guy

A simple but effective website for a private mortgage broker to connect with customers.

Galaxy Builders

A great builder local to Jacksonville that wanted to drive awareness to his business.

Hunter Concrete

This sites SEO ranks it in top 5 on Google. This was one of my first websites built.

Teach Yourself HTML & CSS

Featured Slideshare of how to teach yourself HTML & CSS in 1 month.

Sidewalk Hazards

A simple Landing Page that was used by Hunter Concrete Inc that was ranked #1.

Whiskey Run Gated Horses

An example of a simple website that targeted a specific audience.

Bolt House Steel Buildings

The Customer needed a no thrills website built in 24hrs.

All American ID

An HTML Email Newsletter that I created for a job interview.