More About Me

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. – Steve Jobs"

My first love was to provide service to others via Law Enforcement/Security. I spent four years early on giving my all in the United States Air Force where I was a Security Forces Airman. I spent two years at K.I. Sawyer where I guarded some of the United State's highest priority resources. The trust given to me by our Government to be able to handle these high stress responsibilities at a young age was simply amazing. It helped me early on how to deal with high stress situations in a calm manner and to know that I was never alone, that I could turn for help and support when I needed to. I believe being there and learning from the leadership there prepared me for the hardest times to yet come. K.I. Sawyer was closed and I transfered to Moody AFB in Georgia. This was a very strategic military installation where I saw many temporary duty assignments abroad. One of these TDY's was being a part of an Anti Terrorism Contingency Force sent to the heart of Saudi Arabia to protect US assets and resources on the ground. We landed in less than 48 hours from a recent attack on US Forces which is now known as Khobar Towers attack.

My New Tech Life (the new love)


I started working for a small advertising and marketing company and looking back, it was the start of my tech life. I started at the bottom and rose as high as I could. I was approached by the president of the company one day and asked, what if there was a new eBay that put more emphasis on the buyer than the seller, would I be on board. I jumped at the opportunity and couldn't believe I was helping run a .com startup. was born and it was a wonderful journey full of ups and downs. Sadly it came to an end once we ran out of capital. It was all funded by the CEO and he didn't feel comfortable approaching VC's for funding.

Fast forward and looking back, I learned so much from that opportunity. Not only did I really enjoy learning graphic design, but I fell in love with coding. I see it as art where you can take a blank canvas and write code to actually create a working application. Create one that will do good in the World, now that is what I am working towards.

The Future


SpaceX is a great example of where the future is going. They land their stage one rockets in the middle of the ocean on a drone barge, so they can be reused and cut cost. I want one day to innovate and create applications either by myself or with a great team somewhere to change the world for the better. Another example are the new digital currencies that have been created and are starting to be adopted as regular day to day currency. I want to venture into one of these spaces whether it is BurstCoin or Ethereum. I am interested to see how applications created and on the Ethereum peer to peer network would work. Every interesting stuff and craves my hunger for knowledge and wanting to understand how it works.

Where do I go from here? I keep learning new technologies and creating fun and exciting projects that hold my interest. I also want to do more work around my Faith for God. Whether it is probono work for Churches, Non Profits or creating applications that will better man kind in our day to day life.

Let's Collaborate

You can reach out to me in several ways, you can email me at, follow me on Twitter or follow me on FaceBook. Be warned, I am a Christian, a Republican and I love to debate and express my opinions.