Welcome to StephenRHunter.us

My goal is to always keep learning and provide high quality code


So who am I? I am a loving husband, father and enjoy the life that God has given me. I fell in love with technology and coding when I was given the opportunity to be the VP of Operations for a local start up that was going to take on eBay. It was a small startup that was going to put more emphasis on the paying customer than the seller. I had the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty in the code and this is when I got hooked. Fastforward and now I work for a great software company and work side by side with some of the brightest developers configuring our SAAS sites based on the customer's specific business needs.

I have ten years tenure with my current company I work for, but before that I started my own company Ravenworx and started building full feature websites and mobile apps. Today, most of my free time is spent with my family, but I do find time to work on a few projects. Some of the projects I am working on are Swenym.com and ChristFor.Life. These two projects are a work in progress and I will be releasing details to the public soon. You can view past projects and some examples of the current technologies that I work with here.

Current Projects I'm Working On


This is a project in progress that is an Open Platform where Everyone's Voices can be heard. This website/Mobile App represents "my newS" backwards.


This is a project in progress, but it is a Christian Blog for now that might turn into a social website for Chrstians to share God's Word.